Order Your Gift Wraps Now!

by Clark Fraginal

No matter how simple or random or spontaneous your gift is, taking the time and effort to wrap it makes it extra special. It also adds the element of surprise and excitement when your loved one is unwrapping your gift.

Order your giftwraps now so you always have a giftwrap ready at home whenever you feel like showing your affection or appreciation to your loved one!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Clark Fraginal

We are determined to help you create the perfect gifts for your loved ones so we're sharing this page if you want your gifts to be extra!

We think that creating the knot is such a neat idea! Check their blog to learn how to do it: https://www.giftwrapcompany.com/blog/real-life-gifting-wrapped-3-ways/

What To Do With Your Leftover Giftwrap?

by Clark Fraginal

Any leftover giftwraps in your storage room that you can’t seem to get rid of? Or do you just like to collect all the beautiful giftwraps that you see? Tap on your creativity and do these crafts/DIY’s with us!

  1. Fancy envelopes – create your own colorful envelopes with your giftwraps. You’d need your giftwrap, an envelope, pen/pencil, scissors, cardboard, and glue. The envelope is for you to make a template. The rest is so you can put everything together. Just follow this tutorial and you’re good to go: http://www.poppytalk.com/2011/09/tutorial-easy-tiny-envelopes.html#uds-search-results
  2. Paper confetti – this will work smoothly if you have a paper shredder. No need to buy confetti for your party! You can also use them as packing material according to this article: https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/what-to-do-with-leftover-wrapping-paper/
  3. Clip Art – Add some colors to your workstation with these giftwrap decorated clipboards. All you have to do is giftwrap your clipboard like how you’d wrap your gifts and viola, your station isn’t dull anymore, and organized even! https://www.marthastewart.com/272501/clip-artistry
  4. Gift bows – if you have the time and energy to measure and cut strips, you can go a little extra and create bows for your gifts. It shows the effort you put into the gift. Check out this tutorial: http://www.100layercake.com/blog/2011/12/06/how-to-make-a-gift-bow/?referrer=LuxeFinds.com
  5. Potted Plants – starting out a little garden? Or if you want to give a plant as a gift and you have no idea how to wrap it, here’s a quick and easy idea to level up your: http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2012/05/ten-creative-ways-to-wrap-potted-plants-and-flowers-quick-and-easy-gift-ideas.html


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